Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome to Games and Theory - The All-Con Game Shows Track

Greetings from Group Captain Cole "JediCole" Houston!

I cordially welcome you to All-Con Game Shows as a participating contributor in the eleventh year of the track.  Whether a returning producer and/or host or new to the department, this site has been created as a guide to all things Games and Theory and should be utilized solely by contributors.  A second page is under consideration for the individual profiling and promotion of this year's slate of shows.

This page will feature guidelines on production of shows and outline specifics to keep the track as uniform from show to show as possible.  2016 marks the first year that all game shows, regardless of content or origin, fall under the Games and Theory umbrella. 

One advantage of this change is universal access to the Eggspert which has been in use for the past four years.  All-Con has provided two units to the department to ensure the maximum potential for utilization of this vital tool by all game shows that require a system for contestants to "buzz in".  Visit the Eggspert Page for details on its use and care during your productions.

Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines and suggestions outlined here and contact me directly with questions, concerns, or requests for changes specific to the format of your own game shows. 

All-Con Games and Theory 2016
It's All Fun and Games!

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