Tuesday, January 19, 2016

All-Con Game Shows Cards

Several years ago Games and Theory began utilizing the official All-Con Game Shows cards in all productions by The JediCole Universe/Half-Ass Productions.  These were purchased in batches of 500 by the JCU for the purpose of adding a uniform presentation and a polished look to the production of game shows.

A generous subsidy on the part of All-Con has allowed for a larger volume purchase of cards, which double as promotional postcards for the Game Shows track (as well as the convention itself).  This translates into a greater availability of cards for use by all game show producers.  If you would like to utilize these cards in your own game shows, please contact Cole with the quantity of individual cards you need for your show(s).  Arrangements will be made to mail cards to you well in advance of the show weekend.

The face of the cards provide a slick, professional looking card for the contestants and audience to see while the reverse card features text promoting Games and Theory and All-Con.  For the purpose of game shows, this side can be utilized to affix individual questions (using label paper or taping printed pieces of paper to the card) covering up the printed copy.  This is the actual principle use of these cards, the promotional aspect was simply an added bonus feature for the convention itself.

While use of the All-Con Game Shows Cards is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.  One of the goals in 2016 is to bring as much uniformity to all game shows as possible, while still respecting the individuality of each production.  

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