Sunday, January 24, 2016

Uniform Contestant Selection:

Unless arranged in advance, Games and Theory asks that contestant selection (in the case of shows with two to four contestants “on stage”) be achieved by random draw of raffle tickets from audience members who wish to participate in said show.  

This has proven the least time-consuming method to get the show on the road in the limited time available.  Raffle tickets will be provided free of charge by All-Con Games and Theory to game show producers in advance of their shows.  
Please make arrangements to collect a supply of tickets with Cole Houston or Games and Theory staff as much ahead of time as possible.  Tickets are being provided to insure that only colors not being utilized for The JediCole Universe/Half-Ass Productions sponsored All-Con Grand Prize are in circulation for contestant selection.  See the All-Con Grand Prize page for details about participating in this program.

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